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Cytoplasm Change Log

This document contains the complete change log for every official release of Cytoplasm. It is intended to be updated with every commit that makes a user-facing change worth reporting in the change log. As such, it changes frequently between releases. Final change log entries are published as Releases.


Cytoplasm is now a C99 library! Upgrading from C89 to C99 makes Cytoplasm more portable than ever.

New Features

  • Added an option to j2s to allow additional fields in structures and ignore them in encoding and decoding. Note that additional fields are totally untouched—they are not even initialized to a default value.
  • Fixed a memory leak that would occur in code generated by j2s under specific circumstances.
  • Added JsonMerge() to the JSON API to merge two JSON objects together.
  • Make HttpRouter decode path parts before matching them on regular expressions.
  • Fixed a bug in ArraySort() that would crash programs if the passed array has no elements.


Released on November 1, 2023

This is the first independent release of Cytoplasm! Last month, Cytoplasm was split off of Telodendria to become its own independent project with its own independent releases. This allows it to develop at a much more rapid pace than Telodendria.

Changes in future releases will be reported here. Since this is the first release, there are no changes to show.